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Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Our Students

The heart of any counselor education program is not the curriculum, but its people. The Counseling Programs at James Madison University are privileged to have active, talented, and dedicated studentst. They help make this a vibrant, thriving, and diverse learning community that is constantly changing, growing and evolving.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Class of 2018

PHOTO:Class of 2018
Brittany Dioszeghy, John Rogers, Caroline Hamby, Kim Hall, Amelia Walton, Matt Swartzentruber, Meagan Dye, Fabrice Ndzana Not pictured: Angela Pezzella

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Class of 2017

PHOTO: Class of 2017
Matt Martin, Bryant Satterlee, Trevor Haase, Caitlyn Powell, Sam Hogan, Hunter Greer

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Class of 2016

CMH Class of 2016
Aaron Boggs, Rachel Tysinger, Olivia Gillies, Jennifer Semaan, Andriana Hench, Laura Jones, Jeff Lown, Lauren Fortune, Hayley O’Brien Not pictured: Barton Biggs, Brian Caperton, Karen MooreWe