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Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Our Students

The heart of any counselor education program is not the curriculum, but its people. The Counseling Programs at James Madison University are privileged to have active, talented, and dedicated students who have lots of heart. They help make this a vibrant, thriving, and diverse learning community that is constantly changing, growing and evolving. We offer you here both pictures and words to give you a sampling of our students and the energy that they bring to their training.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Class of 2015

PHOTO: Class of 2015
Clockwise from top right: Hannah Trible, Niki Crump, Cassandra Jones, Kerri Tracy, Laurie Weese, Rachael Johnson, and Jamie Grove.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Class of 2014

CMH Class of 2014
Back Row: Anne Metz, Craig Lien, David Hoover (special student), Chance McDermott, and Evenor Aleman - Front Row: Mueni Masambia, Jessica Hayden, and Meredith Reed - Not Pictured: Brette Stephenson

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Class of 2013

PHOTO: Class of 2013
Back row: John Clarke and Patrick Lincoln Front Row: Andrew Willis Garces, Janice Mentzner, Jamie Claytor, Sharon Lockaby, Kristin Gonzalez, Eleanor Whitehurst, and Grace Jimenez Not Pictured: Lilli Arader

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Class of 2012

Class Photo
Jennifer Behm (class of 2011), Lauren Zapf, Melinda Morgan (class of 2011), Courtney Boyd, Ashley Smith, Lisa Ellison, and Mark DeNoble. Not in photo: Jason Kacmarski and Andrea Skaflen

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Class of 2011

Class Photo
Jessie Aaron, Katherine Greiner, and Glennys Shouey Missing: Jasmine Haywood and Susan Frangos