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The heart of any counselor education program is not the curriculum, but its people. The Counseling Programs at James Madison University are privileged to have active, talented, and dedicated students who have lots of heart. They help make this a vibrant, thriving, and diverse learning community that is constantly changing, growing and evolving. We offer you here both pictures and words to give you a sampling of our students and the energy that they bring to their training. Pictures listed below are for the School Counseling Program.

School Counseling Class of 2017

Class Photo
Back row: Britney Smith,Savanna Lester, Joel Rittenhouse, Erin Holland Front row: Sarah Kennedy, Morgan Dronen,Carolina Fuentes Arriaza, Nancy Windsor

School Counseling Class of 2016

Class Photo
Nicole Yoder, Luke Wilkinson, Kara Shifflett, Kelsey Newman, Brittany Cover, Pierre Durant, Anda Weaver

School Counseling Class of 2015

School Counseling Class of 2007
Back row: Kristin Williams, Michelle Miller, Korey Lamb, Julie Zombakis, Heidi Jordan, Kim Heverly, Aamir Cobb Front row: Laurie Weese, Kerri Tracy, Angie Strite


School Counseling Class of 2014

School Counseling Class of 2012
Bottom Row: Brittany Gibson, Victoria Bice, Sarah Armstrong, Angie Strite. Top Row: Kelsey King, Ann Tolley Hynes, Jason Capps, Elizabeth Cranford.

School Counseling Class of 2013

School Counseling Class of 2012
Afton Cappello, Blair Staton, Allison Stokes, Matthew Bailey, Courtney Allen, and Beverly Walker.

School Counseling Class of 2012

Back row: Vanessa Olson, Emily Barnes, Elizabeth Ridley, Anna Fure, and Lindsey Bateman. Front row: Stephanie Martin, Mark Dickerson, Tim Luikart, Sara Schreffler, Christy Norment, and Shaun Winbush