James Madison University

Counseling and Supervision

Our Students

The heart of any counselor education program is not the curriculum, but its people. The Counseling Programs at James Madison University are privileged to have active, talented, and dedicated students who have lots of heart. They help make this a vibrant, thriving, and diverse learning community that is constantly changing, growing and evolving.

Current Doctoral Students

  • Attia, Mina
  • Bukowski, Matt
  • Stephanie Chalk
  • Davis, Cierra
  • Darius Green
  • Koser, Kristy
  • Stewart Nafziger
  • Peace Ningibire
  • Pecoraro, Bryan
  • Rice, Jamie  
  • John Rogers
  • Sirocky-Meck, Amy
  • Sutherlin, Tiffanie
  • Brittany Williams