James Madison University

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out about important information?

The Grad School posts important information and messages through JMU email accounts, students should routinely access their JMU email accounts.

How do I set up my JMU email account?

First, you should set up your e-mail account, which should be accessible within 24 hours after you've e-mailed or called Grad School as explained in the acceptance letter. Go to https://forums.jmu.edu/accounts and select A: To Activate my e-ID, then follow the instructions.

How do I register for classes?

You will be notified by the CSPA Program Committee about which clases you should register to take during the first semester and when the clases will be available for you to complete the registration process through the e-campus system.

How do I receive credit for courses taken prior to entering the Graduate Program?

To receive credit for graduate-level courses taken prior to entering the JMU graduate program, you must submit a request to your major advisor during the first semester of enrollment. This transfer request applies to courses taken at JMU (through Outreach Programs) as well as at other accredited institutions. No more than 1/2 of a graduate program's total required hours may be transferred including those taken at JMU prior to acceptance into the graduate program. Students may not transfer in more than 9 credit hours from institutions other than JMU. Approval of Transfer Credit forms are available in the CGOP office or at http://www.jmu.edu/cgop/gradforms.shtml. Only grades of "B" or better are transferable. Courses taken for pass/fail or satisfactory/unsatisfactory are not transferable. Academic work taken more than six (6) years for master students or eight (8) years for doctoral students, before the date at which the advanced degree is awarded may not be used to satisfy degree requirements. For further details about this policy see the Approval of Transfer Credit form.

Do I enroll in a course each semester?

All students in a graduate degree program must register each regular semester (fall and spring) for at least one graduate credit hour to maintain standing in the graduate program.

Where do I get my student identification card (JACard)?

Card Services is located in Warren Hall, 540-568-6446. You must get your card in person because this is a picture ID. The Card Services Web site is www.jmu.edu/cardctr.

Where do I register my vehicle?

You must register your vehicle in order to park on campus. Parking Services, (540) 568-3300 is located in the lower level of the parking deck, located at 381 Bluestone Drive. http://web.jmu.edu/parking/  If you prefer, the university coordinates with the city for busses which connect throughout Harrisonburg and the major apartment complees.  This service is free to JMU students.  Check the Harrisonburg Transportaion website.

What if I want to buy health insurance?

For information on the Academic Health Plan please call 888-308-7320.  You can also check the University Health Center’s website for more information.

Where can I find out about housing for graduate students?

The Office of Off-Campus Life provides information on area apartment complexes and housing opportunities.  Check their website for more information.   They also coordinate a program called UDAP (Utility Deposit Assistance Program) to assist with deposits to local utility companies. 

The Office of Residence Life also offers graduate housing in a complex called Denton’s.  View more information on applying for this housing

Are graduate students eligible for meal plans on campus?

Yes, Dining Services offers a variety of meal plans for all members of the JMU community: 

When is the first day of classes?

The first day of classes for Fall, 2010 is Monday, August 30, 2010.  View the university calendar for 2010-11. You will be notified by your assistantship office about training for your position, as well as any training for student employees or student leaders that you may be involved with at the beginning of the semester.

Where can I find out about Financial Aid and Scholarship Information?

Financial Aid and Scholarship information is available on their website or call 540-568-7820.