James Madison University

Emily Fox:

I currently work as an Academic Advisor within the School of Business at Virginia Commonwealth University.  It’s a fantastic school and office, and I thoroughly enjoy working with business students.  My day-to-day responsibilities include meeting individually with students, ensuring they are enrolling in the appropriate courses and meeting requirements within the school, managing overrides and waitlists for courses, preparing for registration and working with my department to determine course offerings and capacities, processing graduation applications, and serving as a resource for any student issue that arises.  I often refer students to campus resources, including the campus learning center for tutoring and academic coaching, the counseling center, and other resources.  Each and every day, I utilize and enhance the counseling skills I gained in the CSPA Program when meeting with students as well as facilitating conversations with colleagues.  I continue to balance a variety of responsibilities, something that the program also required of me and allowed me to navigate before entering the workforce as a professional.  In addition to the counseling skills and theories, I make decisions and have intentional conversations with students with a developmental approach in mind, which connects to the cognitive and psychosocial development theories that we explored throughout the CSPA program.