James Madison University

Overrides and Exceptions for Psychology Courses

Psychology is now using the MyMadison Waiting List function for classes.

More information on Waiting Lists

A few notes about registering for Psychology courses:

  • MyMadison enforces all prerequisites during registration.
  • Use the waiting list option if a class is full.  There is no guarantee that additional seats will open so we strongly suggest that you enroll in other classes that have available seats.
  • To change sections of a course using the waiting list you must register it as a “swap” or the system will not be able to enroll you if a seat becomes available. (This rule applies to course time conflicts, maximum credit load limits, or already having a seat in another section of the same course.)
  • Remember to remove yourself from waiting lists after your schedule is settled so you are not auto-enrolled into courses you no longer need.

Final Semester Registration/Graduating Seniors

  • Students registering for their final semester should contact ugpsyc@jmu.edu if there are any issues with registering for final requirements.  Let us know if there is a problem so we can attempt to assist you.


  • Students are encouraged to visit their Academic Advisor and the Peer Advising Office (Miller 1106) for information about registering for courses.
  • Remember that psychology courses tend to fill quickly, so it is an advantage to register at the earliest opportunity. Try to find open courses that fit your interests and graduation requirements. Don't depend upon waitlists to create your schedule.
  • If you are concerned about your graduation timing, please contact your Academic Advisor (name available on MyMadison) or one of the Assistant Department Heads (ugpsyc@jmu.edu) for assistance.

Regarding Psyc 210 & 212

  • You must be a “Fully Admitted Psychology Major” (not a “Declared Psychology Major”) to register for Psyc 210 (Psychological Statistics) or Psyc 212 (Psychological Research Design and Data Analysis I).
  • Students awaiting admission in Spring who wish to take Psyc 210 in the summer should contact the main office at ugpsyc@jmu.edu.   More information about seeking admission to the psychology major.

Psychology Content Core Course Prerequisites

  • Completion of Psyc 211 or 213 is required before students take Psychology Content Core Courses (Psyc 330-395). 
  • Content Core Courses have specific assignments that require you to have skills developed in our methods courses, so prerequisites are strictly enforced.

Psyc 250: Introduction to Abnormal Psychology

  • Not open to Psychology majors.
  • During initial registration the following plans can register: Social Work Majors, Criminal Justice Minors, Music & Human Services Minors, Special Education Minors, Pre-PA, Pre-OT or Pre-PT Minors. During this time, students in other plans can add themselves to the waitlist on MyMadison.
  • During open enrollment, the course is open for other majors/minors.
  • Prerequisite (Psyc 101 or 160).