James Madison University

Overrides and Exceptions for Psychology Courses

The override form has been taken down at this time.

Please see additional information below for scheduling assistance.

A few notes about the override process for Psychology courses:

  • MyMadison enforces all prerequisites during registration.
  • You must submit an online request for all Psychology course overrides (including prerequisite exceptions).
  • Overrides will be handled by the psychology office rather than by individual course instructors until the start of the applicable semester. 
  • If you are concerned about your graduation timing, please contact your Academic Advisor (name available on MyMadison) or one of the Assistant Department Heads (ugpsyc@jmu.edu) for assistance.


Students are encouraged to visit their Academic Advisor and the Peer Advising Office (Miller 1106) for information about registering for courses. Remember that psychology courses tend to fill quickly, so it is an advantage to register at the soonest opportunity and pick suitable courses the first time. Try to find open courses that fit your interests and graduation requirements. Don't depend upon overrides to create your schedule.


When courses are full, the Department will review overrides and try to accommodate as many students as possible. For some courses we may be able to add some additional sections. Overrides will generally not be issued until after all students have had a chance to initially register. If you submit an override request, watch your JMU e-mail account because this will be the exclusive way we will inform students if additional classes are available or if overrides are granted.

If Granted

Remember that overrides are permission to register for a course, but they do not register you.  If you get an override you still need to register in MyMadison.

If Denied

If you do not receive an override for the course that you would like to take, watch MyMadison through the start of school. Add courses for which you have the prerequisites if they become available. If you are still not in the class you would like to take when school begins, you may contact the instructor for an override at that time.

If you are concerned that your schedule will impact your graduation plans, please contact your Academic Advisor and the Department of Psychology main office (ugpsyc@jmu.edu).

Regarding Psyc 210 & 212

You must be a “Fully Admitted Psychology Major” (not a “Declared Psychology Major”) to register for Psyc 210 (Psychological Statistics) or Psyc 212 (Psychological Research Design and Data Analysis I). Students who want to enroll in Psyc 210 or Psyc 212 who are not currently fully admitted Psychology Majors should apply for admission to the Psychology Major as soon as possible and submit an override request form online so we can give you priority consideration.  More information about seeking admission to the psychology major.

Psychology Content Core Course Prerequisites

Completion of Psyc 211 or 213 is required before students take Psychology Content Core Courses (Psyc 330-395).  Content Core Courses have specific assignments that require you to have skills developed in our methods courses, so prerequisites are strictly enforced.