James Madison University

Equivalent Methodology Summer Courses

Students who want to accelerate their methodology sequence with summer coursework can elect to take Psyc 210 or 211 equivalents over the summer.
Some notes on taking these as a summer course:  


  • These courses are rarely offered at community colleges, but they are typically a required part of the curriculum of most 4-year Psychology programs.
  • A few community colleges are starting to offer Psyc 210 and 211 equivalent courses, so it might be worthwhile checking their catalogs.
  • Not every program divides “methodology” into two 4-credit courses the way we do at JMU. They may have different prerequisites or require special permission to enroll. 

Permission to transfer credit:

  • Formal permission, in advance of enrollment, is required to take psychology courses at other institutions for transfer credit to JMU, including those listed in these tables. 
  • To receive permission, complete a Transfer Credit Request Form, attach the course description and submit it to Miller 1120.

Below are equivalents that have already been reviewed (subject to availability, and prerequisite requirements of the institutions):

School Equivalent to JMU Psyc 210 Equivalent to JMU Psyc 211
Arizona State University PSY 230.  Introduction to Statistics   (3cr)*
(has been offered online)
PSY 290.  Research Methods in Psychology (4cr)
Hofstra University PSY 040.  Statistics (4cr) PSY 141. Research Methods and Design (4cr)
(has been offered online)
Lynchburg College PSYC 274. Statistics for Psychologists (4cr) PSYC 275. Research Methodology (4cr)
University of Mary Washington PSYC 261. Introductory Statistics for Psychology (3cr)* PSYC 362. Applied Methods (4cr)
Old Dominion University PSYC 317. Quantitative Methods (4cr)
(has been offered online)
PSYC 318W. Experimental Psychology (4cr)
(has been offered online)
SUNY Stony Brook PSY 201. Statistical Methods in Psychology (3cr)* PSY 310. Research and Writing in Psychology (4cr)
Towson State University PSYC 212. Behavioral Statistics (4cr) PSYC 314. Research Methods in Psychology (4cr)
University of Utah PSYC 3000.  Statistics for Social and Behavioral Sciences (4cr)
(has been offered online)
PSYC 3010. Research Methods in Psychology (4cr)
(has been offered online)
Virginia Commonwealth University PSYC 214. Applications of Statistics (3cr)* PSYC 317. Experimental Methods (3cr)**
Virginia Community Colleges PSY 213. Statistics for Behavioral Sciences (3cr)* PSY 211. Research Methodology for Behavioral Sciences (3cr)**
William and Mary Psyc 301. Elementary Statistics (4cr) Psyc 302. Experimental Methods (4cr)

*3 credit course. JMU credit earned for Psyc 210, however, you must take 1 additional Psyc credit to satisfy the minimum credit hour requirement for the Psychology Major.

**3 credit course. JMU credit earned for Psyc 211, however, you must take 1 additional Psyc credit to satisfy the minimum credit hour requirement for the Psychology Major.