Curriculum Overview for JMU Clinical Mental Health Counseling Students

M.A/ED.S in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Curriculum Overview

A complete listing of all core and elective courses is also available in the official JMU Graduate Catalog.

Sample syllabi are linked below. To see specific syllabi used during the current semester, please contact the Program Director Renee Staton at

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Educational Specialist Degree Requirements

Minimum Requirements Credit Hours
PSYC 600. Introduction to Measurement and Statistics (PDF) 3
PSYC 607. Evaluation and Appraisal Procedures in Counseling (PDF) 3
PSYC 614. Advanced Developmental Psychology (PDF) 3
PSYC 630. Clinical Mental Health Counseling (PDF) 3
PSYC 660. Counseling Theories (PDF) 3
PSYC 661. Counseling Techniques (PDF) 3
PSYC 663. Substance Abuse Counseling (PDF) 3
PSYC 664. Counseling Process (PDF) 3
PSYC 665. Group Counseling (PDF) 3
PSYC 668. Couple and Family Systems (PDF) 3
PSYC 669. Career Development (PDF) 3
PSYC 685. Psychopathology: Diagnosis and Intervention Planning (PDF) 3
PSYC 695. Practicum (PDF) 3
PSYC 710. Counseling Strategies (PDF) 3
PSYC 749. Multicultural Perspectives in Intervention (PDF) 3
PSYC 760. Ethics, Supervision and Consultation for Counselors (PDF) 3
PSYC 790. Internship (PDF) 6
Research Project/Thesis 3
Choose one of the following:
  1. PSYC 800. Educational Specialist Research Project1 (PDF)
  2. PSYC 700. Thesis Research (PDF)
(Note: Thesis option requires an additional 3 credit hours)
Elective course (adviser approval required) 3
Total Credit Hours: 60

1 Only three credit hours of PSYC 800 may be used to satisfy program requirements for the educational specialist degree. If the research project is not completed after three credit hours, then the student must continuously enroll (each semester including summer) in PSYC 799 until the project is completed.