Directory of People in JMU Graduate Counseling Programs

Faculty/Staff Directory

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General Contact Information

Department of Graduate Psychology
70 Alumane Dr., MSC 7401
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

Support Staff

Name and Title Phone E-mail Room
Guerin, Carl A.
Administrative Assistant
540-568-6439 Johnston 101
Henriques, Andee
Administrative Assistant
540-568-5352 Johnston 112
Hoover-Maddox, Karen
Part-time Administrative Assistant
540-268-2556 Johnston 114


Name and Expertise Phone E-mail Room
Crockett, Stephanie – Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Director of Counseling & Supervision
540-568-6834 Johnston 219
Evans, Amanda – Ph.D.
Associate Professor
540-568-6308 Johnston 203
Kielty, Michele - Ph.D.
Professor, Director of School Counseling
540-568-2553 Johnston 103
Hiatt, Kenson - Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
540-568-4450 Johnston 110
Leblanc, Joseph – Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
540-568-6427 Johnston 104
Staton, Renee - Ph.D.
Professor, Director of Clinical Mental Health Counseling
540-568-7867 Johnston 118
Sturm, Debbie - Ph.D
Associate Professor, Director of Counseling and Supervision CACREP Liason
540-568-4564 Johnston 105

Adjunct Faculty

Name and Expertise Phone Email Room
Atwood, Kelly – Psy.D.
Assistant Professor
Director, Counseling and Psychological Services & Center for Learning Strategies
540-568-2622 Campbell 1131
Critz, Nina
Licensed Professional Counselor
540-568-6552 SSC 3130
Fox, Melinda 540-568-6552 SSC 3118

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We are located in Johnston Hall.

Interim Dean of The Graduate School (TGS):

John Burgess
Office: Grace Street House
Phone: (540) 568-4213