Assistantship Learning Outcomes for JMU CSPA M.Ed. Students

Learning Outcomes for CSPA Assistantships

CSPA students will demonstrate proficiency in:

  • Communication skills through practice on site in areas such as presentations skills, writing skills, mediation, and group facilitation
  • Decision making by being able to identify issues and problems, bring problems to resolution, manage crisis situations, and reach conclusions and make recommendations about issues
  • Work ethic by actively contributing and supporting goals of office and division, being reliable and punctual, being flexible and adaptable to change, demonstrating a positive demeanor while working
  • Ethical practices understands and uses professional standards of practice, demonstrates personal integrity in job related issues
  • Job knowledge and professional development shows desire to continue/increase learning, as appropriate, develops new program/services related to area of responsibility. Shows interest in becoming involved in professional organizations
  • Resource management through resourcefulness and creativity, planning and managing a budget, development of plans to meet resource—related goals, uses staff time and equipment wisely
  • Strategic planning through foresight and research of trends, establishing clear objectives and setting priorities, and evaluating plans, objectives, and outcomes
  • Supervision through participation in selection and training processes, organizing tasks and responsibilities for staff, maintaining regular contact with supervisees, completion of written evaluation of individual staff members
  • Team building through facilitating cooperation and teamwork among others influencing group action to accomplish objectives and tasks, providing schedules and teambuilding opportunities for staff, resolving and processing group conflict, seeking consultation with supervisors and other resources persons, facilitates group decision making when possible
  • Interpersonal relationships by showing tolerance to others, being open to new viewpoints, exhibiting attributes of patience, trust and respect, and demonstrating commitment to group goals
  • Technology by showing a basic understanding of personal computing, familiar with basic research methods through use of personal computer, awareness of technologies used in student affairs

These outcomes are evaluated each Spring through use of the CSPA Assistantship Evaluation Form