Professional Development Calendar for JMU CSPA M.Ed. Students

Professional Development

The Professional Development Series has been implemented to provide opportunities for CSPA students to expand their learning experiences. Attendance and participation are required and considered in determining the student's grade for the practicum course. All part-time students must meet this requirement under the direction of their adviser.

For fall 2022, all professional development workshops will take place on Mondays, from 10-12, generally in Madison Union. Most activities will include all cohorts, though some workshops will focus on first- or second-years only. In addition, two Friday Lunch & Learn sessions will be held at the D-Hall Garage, which provides an opportunity for students to connect with faculty and advisors around common areas of interest. A complete schedule has been shared with enrolled students during Orientation and via e-mail.

Assistantship and practicum schedules should not interfere with these professional development sessions. Please coordinate this with your respective supervisors. If you are unable to attend a workshop, please contact Cara Meixner, interim program director, at You may be asked to attend an additional workshop or write a related paper on the subject missed.