Directory of People in the JMU CSPA M.Ed. Program

Faculty/Staff Directory

General Contact Information

Department of Graduate Psychology
MSC 7401
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA 22807
Phone: (540) 568-3433

CSPA Program Advisory Committee and Faculty Core

The JMU CSPA program is led by Dr. Steve Grande, Assistant Professor, with influential collaboration with JMU faculty and staff serving as members of the Program Advisory Committee to advise on all aspects of program administration and the Faculty Core to advise on all curricular matters. CSPA students also provide essential input and have opportunities to take leadership with program functions. This unique collaboration between Graduate Psychology and Student Affairs as well as involvement from other university divisions contributes to a well-grounded and dynamic program.

Faculty/Staff Contact Information

listings of faculty and staff contact information and office location
Staff Phone Email Room
Guerin, Carl A.
Administrative Assistant
568-6439 Johnston 101
Henriques, Andee
Administrative Assistant
568-5352 Johnston 112
Moroniak, Lisa
Part-time Administrative Assistant
568-2556 Johnston 114
Faculty Name and Title Phone Email Room
Meixner, Cara – Ph.D.
568-6522 Johnston Hall 211
Brown, Hugh
Associate Director of Residence Life
568-3501 Huffman C101
Dean, Art
Executive Director for Campus & Community Programs for Access and Inclusion
568-4506 Holland Yates Hall 4029
Grande, Steve – Ph.D.
Director, CSPA Program
568-3433 Johnston Hall 212
Harper, Donna
Vice President Access and Enrollment Management
568-3705 Alumnae Hall 208
Lushbaugh, Wendy – Ph.D.
Director, OSARP
568-6218 SSC 2122
Mast, Gloria
Associate Dean of Students
568-6468 SSC 3015
Miller, Timothy – Ed.D
Vice President, Student Affairs
568-3685 Alumnae Hall 202
Sirocky-Meck, Amy – Ph.D.
Title IX Coordinator
568-5214 Holland Yates Hall 4035
Sturm, Debbie – Ph.D.
Professor of Graduate Psychology
568-4564 Johnston Hall 105
Todd, Jordan
Director, Sexual Orientation, Gender identity and Expression
568-3760 SSC 3210
Westley, Libby
Director, University Career Center
568-3760 SSC 3210

Dean of The Graduate School (TGS):