FAQs for JMU CSPA M.Ed. Students

Admitted Students - Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I find out about important information?

CSPA program information will be communicated via a bi-weekly email digest sent by Dr. Steve Grande, program director. Please check your email regularly to ensure you receive timely information about program deadlines, opportunities, and updates. Also, the Graduate School posts important information and messages through JMU email accounts.

How do I set up my JMU email account?

Once you have accepted your admissions offer, you will receive an email to the address used on your application to create a Dukes email account. Please set up your Dukes email account as soon as possible and check regularly for all official JMU correspondence. More information is available on the Graduate School web site.

How do I register for classes?

You will be notified by Steve Grande about the first-semester registration process including dates and deadlines.

How do I receive credit for courses taken prior to entering the Graduate Program?

If you wish to request transfer credit for courses taken before you started at JMU, you must submit an Approval of Transfer Credit form to your adviser during your first semester of enrollment. If you wish to take graduate courses at another institution while enrolled at JMU, you must obtain prior approval from your adviser, department head, and the Dean of The Graduate School (TGS).

It is the student's responsibility to request that an official transcript be sent to TGS upon completion of the course work. Ordinarily, permission is not granted to take a course elsewhere for transfer credit during the semester in which the degree is to be awarded.

No more than one-half of the total graduate credits required for completion of a program (including credit for graduate courses taken at JMU prior to acceptance into the graduate program) may be considered for inclusion in your program of study. A student may not transfer in more than nine credit hours from institutions other than JMU.

Do I enroll in a course each semester?

All students in a graduate degree program must register each regular semester (fall and spring) for at least one graduate credit hour to maintain standing in the graduate program. Full-time students are enrolled in a full load of courses in the fall and spring semesters of their first and second year.

Where do I get my student identification card (JACard)?

Card Services is located in the Student Success Center, and their phone number is 540-568-6446. You must get your card in person because this is a picture ID. The Card Services Web site is www.jmu.edu/cardctr.

Where do I register my vehicle?

You must register your vehicle in order to park on campus. Parking Services, (540) 568-3300 is located in the lower level of the parking deck, located at 381 Bluestone Drive. If you prefer, the university coordinates with the city for busses which connect throughout Harrisonburg and the major apartment complees. This service is free to JMU students. Check the Harrisonburg Transportaion website. JMU also has a handy Bus Finder app online.

What if I want to buy health insurance?

For information on the Academic Health Plan, please call 888-995-1674. You can also check the University Health Center’s website for more information.

Where can I find out about housing for graduate students?

The Office of Off-Campus Life provides information on area apartment complexes and housing opportunities. Check their website for more information. They also coordinate a program called UDAP (Utility Deposit Assistance Program) to assist with deposits to local utility companies.

JMU does not currently have on-campus housing for graduate students. Visit the Graduate Student Life website for more information on finding housing off campus.

Are graduate students eligible for meal plans on campus?

Yes, Dining Services offers a variety of meal plans for all members of the JMU community.

When is the first day of classes?

Please refer to the university academic calendar for class dates. You will be notified by your assistantship office about training for your position, as well as any training for student employees or student leaders that you may be involved with at the beginning of the semester.

Where can I find out about Financial Aid and Scholarship Information?

Financial Aid and Scholarship information is available on their website or call 540-568-7820.