CSPA Program Committee

PHOTO: Program committee

Student's from Dr. Josh Bacon's class, PSYC 650, Organization and Administration of Student Services. They did a presentation on "The Leadership Challenge" and their theme was traveling around the world.

JMU is unique because the CSPA program is administered by a committee comprised of members representing different departments within the Division of Student Affairs and University Planning. This sets us apart from other CSPA programs because we have full time administrators, people living the student affairs life on a daily basis, intimately involved with the leadership and management process. Among other things, the program committee is responsible for the admissions process, serving as advisors, overseeing decisions related to curriculum, and approving assistantship and practicum sites.

Committee Members

  • Amy Sirocky-Meck, Co-Coordinator
  • Kevin Meaney, Co-Coordinator
  • Mr. Hugh Brown
  • Mr. Art Dean
  • Mrs. Donna Harper
  • Dr. Kevin Meaney
  • Dr. Cara Meixner
  • Ms. Gloria Mast

Program Advisory Committee

Reviews specific topics and makes recommendations to the Program Committee. Membership is based on interest related to the topic.