Why Choose JMU CSPA?

Student Testimonials

I chose JMU because I wanted to learn from experienced professionals who live what they teach on a day-to-day basis. From these professionals, I gained a strong understanding of student development, counseling theory and methodology, and administration. And from my graduate assistantship and practica, I learned how to put that information into practice for the benefit of the university communities I serve.

Katie Kinniburgh

Class of 2017

I chose JMU’s CSPA program because of the emphasis put on experiential learning opportunities, counseling strategies, and the insight provided by current Student Affairs practitioners. After being in the program, I have come to recognize the importance of having those experiential learning opportunitites, through assistantships and practica, as an invaluable way to practice what is being taught in the classes. Additionally, I found a passion for counseling strategies and find that I utilize them every day in my conversations with others. Overall, CSPA prepared me well to be successful in my first professional position.

Robert Smith

Class of 2019