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Psychological Sciences MA Program
Department of Graduate Psychology and Department of Psychology
70 Alumnae Dr., MSC 7401
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

Program Director:
Bernice Marcopulos, Ph.D., ABPP
Department of Graduate Psychology
Office: Johnston 215
Phone: 540-568-5002
Email: marcopba@jmu.edu


Name Phone E-mail Room
Guerin, Carl A.
Administrative Assistant
540-568-6439 guerinca@jmu.edu Johnston 101
Henriques, Andee
Administrative Assistant
540-568-5352 henriqas@jmu.edu Johnston 112
Hoover-Maddox, Karen
Part-time Administrative Assistant
540-568-2556 hooverka@jmu.edu Johnston 114

Over 20 faculty from both the Department of Psychology and Department of Graduate Psychology contribute to the Psychological Sciences graduate program. The program operates on a mentorship philosophy, where students enter the program based on the fit with a particular faculty member who serves as the student's research advisor. Below is a list of faculty members accepting students in Fall 2022 . Additional faculty and associate faculty who teach courses, serve on committees, and work with students in the program in a variety of capacities also are listed.

Faculty Accepting Students in Fall 2022:

Name and Contact Concentration
Barron, Kenn
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin - Madison
Office: Miller Hall, 1161
Phone: 540-568-4065
Email: barronke@jmu.edu
Concentration: Applied Research
Motivation, goal setting, well being, program evaluation, research methodology and statistics
Dyche, Jeff
Ph.D., Saint Louis University
Office: Miller Hall, G089
Phone: 540-568-4965
Email: dychejs@jmu.edu
Concentration: Experimental
Sleep and human performance, chronobiology, actigraphy, rat models of sleep deprivation and behavioral pharmacology
Finney, Sara
Ph.D., University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Office: Lakeview 1128
Phone: 540-568-6757
Email: finneysj@jmu.edu
Concentration: Quantitative
Examinee motivation, emotional reactions to testing, outcomes assessment in student affairs
Fulcher, Keston
Ph.D., James Madison University
Office: Lakeview 1108
Phone: 540-568-3292
Email: fulchekh@jmu.edu
Concentration: Quantitative
Meta-Assessment, validity in higher education assessment, measuring cognitive and developmental changes in college students
Good, Megan
Ph.D., James Madison University
Office: Lakeview 1122
Phone: 540-568-7103
Email: good2mr@jmu.edu
Concentration: Quantitative
Exploring student learning and employability outcome connections, learning improvement in higher education, and perceptions of learning in higher education by various stakeholders
Hall, Michael
Ph.D., State University of New York at Binghamton
Office: Miller Hall 1115
Phone: 540-568-7877
Email: hallmd@jmu.edu
Concentration: Experimental
Auditory Perception Laboratory website,
Auditory perception and cognition, Speech perception, Music perception
Hathcoat, John
Ph.D., Oklahoma State University
Office: Lakeview 1120
Phone: 540-568-2516
Email: hathcojd@jmu.edu
Concentration: Quantitative 
Assessing Student Learning in Higher Education, Reliability and Validity Issues in Authentic Assessment Practices, Instrument Development, Mixed Methods Research
Holt, Daniel
Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis
Office: Miller Hall, 1123
Phone: 540-568-5051 
Email: holtdd@jmu.edu
Concentration: Behavior Analysis, Experimental 
Learning, choice behavior (e.g. behavioral economics), discounting (the decrease in a reward’s subjective value as the delay to or odds against its receipt increase) in both humans and non-human animals
Irons, Jessica
Ph.D., Auburn University
Office: Miller Hall 1177
Email: ironsjg@jmu.edu
Concentration: Experimental
CASHLab: Changing Activity, Substance Use, and Health
Behavioral pharmacology (effects of caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol),.Behavioral interventions of health risk behaviors, specifically contingency management for substance use, activity, and eating, Behavioral choice related to health risk behavior, Scholarship of teaching and learning
Note: Please contact Dr. Irons directly before applying
Jakobsen, Krisztina
Ph.D., University of Georgia
Office: Miller Hall, 1159
Phone: 540-568-4301 
Email: jakobskv@jmu.edu
Concentration: Experimental
Cognitive development, visual attention, face perception 
Leventhal, Brian
Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh
Office: Lakeview 1124
Phone: 540-568-5004
Email: leventbc@jmu.edu
Concentration: Quantitative 
Response Styles; Multidimensional Item Response Theory; Bayesian Item Response Theory; Classification Errors; Survey Development
Marcopulos, Bernice
Ph.D., University of Victoria
Office: Johnston Hall 215
Phone: 540-568-5002
Email: marcopba@jmu.edu
Concentration: Applied Research 
Clinical Neuropsychology, forensic neuropsychology, schizophrenia, The influence of culture and education on neuropsychological testing, cognitive aging and dementia
Melchiori, Kala
Ph.D., Loyola University Chicago
Office: Miller Hall 1175
Phone: 540-568-3177
Email: melchikj@jmu.edu
Website: http://kalajmelchiori.weebly.com
Concentration: Experimental
Prejudice and intergroup relations, Diversity issues in the classroom, Eco-friendly behavior
Saville, Bryan
Ph.D., Auburn University
Office: Miller Hall 1143
Phone: 540-568-2277
Email: savillbk@jmu.edu
Concentration: Experimental
Psychology of passion (specifically, passion for activities), interteaching and other behavioral teaching methods
Shoup-Knox, Melanie
Ph.D., SUNY - University at Albany
Office: Miller Hall 1145
Phone: 540-568-6846
Email: shoupml@jmu.edu
Concentration: Experimental 
Central nervous system thermoregulation, Yawning, Evolved mate choice mechanisms 
Stokes, Trevor
Ph.D., University of Kansas
Office: Johnston Hall 119 
Phone: 540-568-5067 
Email: stokestf@jmu.edu
Concentration: Behavior Analysis
Applied Behavior Analysis, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Parent Child Interaction Therapy and Teacher Child Interaction Training
Stoloff, Michael
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University
Office: Madison Hall 4067
Phone: 540-568-6396
Email: stolofml@jmu.edu
Concentration: Applied Research 
Graduate student recruitment including digital marketing (including persuasion and cultural contexts); preparation for careers and admission to graduate school; student development
Szwedo, David
Ph.D., University of Virginia
Office: Miller Hall 1165
Phone: 540-568-3568
Email: szwedode@jmu.edu
Concentration: Applied Research, Experimental
Social Relationships Lab (SRL).
Adolescent and young adult social/emotional development and adjustment; influence of family, peer, and romantic relationships during adolescence/young adulthood.
Upadhyay, Sri Siddhi N.
Ph.D., Binghamton University
Office: Miller Hall 1145
Phone: 540-568-3163
Email: upadhyay@jmu.edu
Concentration: Experimental
DReaM Lab: Discourse, Reading, & Memory:
Cognitive processes involved in reading and language; Readers’ comprehension and memory for text; Discourse Processing
Zinn, Tracy
Ph.D., Auburn University
Office: Miller Hall 1167
Phone: 540-568-6309
Email: zinnte@jmu.edu
Concentration: Applied Research 
Behavior analysis in industry and education, industrial/organizational psychology, student/faculty interactions, and maternal health issues 

Faculty NOT accepting students in Fall 2022

Name and Contact Concentration
Anderson, Robin
Psy.D., James Madison University
Office: Johnston 102
Phone: 540-568-3293 
Email: ander2rd@jmu.edu
Concentration: Quantitative 
Validation of assessment and program evaluation procedures, engineering assessment, teacher education
Andre, Jeffrey
Ph.D., Penn State University
Office: Cleveland Hall 214 
Phone: 540-568-1468 
Email: andrejt@jmu.edu
Concentration: Experimental 
Visual perception and performance: guidance and wayfinding; cartograpy, eye movements; vision and computers; cross-modal research
Apple, Kevin
Ph.D., Ohio University
Office: HBS, 5051C
Phone: 540-568-3696
Email: applekj@jmu.edu
Concentration: Experimental 
Intergroup relations, human perception, attribution theory
Bandalos, Deborah
Ph.D., University of Maryland
Office: Lakeview 1126
Phone: (540) 568-7132
Email: bandaldl@jmu.edu
Concentration: Quantitative
issues in scale development, structural equation modeling, measurement theory
Bao, Yu
Ph.D., University of Georgia
Office: Lakeview 1128
Phone: 540-568-3483
Email: bao2yx@jmu.edu
Concentration: Quantitative
Psychometrics; Diagnostic Classification Modeling; Computerized Adaptive Testing; Instrument Validation; Learning analytics
Brewster, JoAnne
Ph.D., McMaster University
Office: Miller Hall, 1151
Phone: 540-568-6107
Email: brewstja@jmu.edu
Concentration: Applied Research 
Police and forensic psychology
Fogler, Kethera
Ph.D., Saint Louis University
Office: Miller Hall 1175
Phone: 540-568-2931
Email: foglerka@jmu.edu
Concentration: Experimental 
Memory, false memory, language comprehension, cognitive aging, sleep
Harmison, Robert
Ph.D., University of North Texas
Office: Johnston Hall 115 
Phone: 540-568-7959
Email: harmisrj@jmu.edu
Concentration: Applied Research 
Applied sport psychology; athletic counseling; group dynamics in sport; mental toughness in sport; peak performance; performance psychology
Henriques, Gregg
Ph.D., University of Vermont
Office: Johnston Hall 216
Phone: 540-568-7857 
Email: henriqgx@jmu.edu
Concentration: Applied Research 
Theoretical unification of psychology and well-being
Kurtz, Jaime
Ph.D., University of Virginia
Office: Miller Hall, Room 1169 
Phone: 540-568-4966 
Email: kurtzjl@jmu.edu
Concentration:  Applied Research, Experimental 
Positive psychology; happiness; savoring; self-knowledge; decision making; eating behaviors; weight management
Pastor, Dena
Ph.D., University of Texas - Austin
Office: Lakeview 1118 
Phone: 540-568-1670 
Email: pastorda@jmu.edu
Concentration: Quantitative The application of hierarchical and latent variable modeling to study measurement issues as well as college student learning and development

Dean of The Graduate School (TGS):

Dr. Linda Thomas
Office: Grace Street House
Phone: (540) 568-4213