Assistantship Funding and Tuition Support

School psychology students holding their awards

At present 100% of current students hold Graduate Assistantships that provide tuition reimbursement and a stipend!

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The university has a limited number of teaching and graduate assistantships which are highly competitive. The Department of Graduate Psychology has assistantships available for psychology students, including the Test Library, undergraduate teaching support, and administrative support. Many students find assistantships in other departments and divisions across campus.

Graduate assistants (GA) may assist faculty members in preparing for instruction, in conducting classes and tutoring. Other duties assumed by GA's may include: grading papers, conducting research and library work, maintaining the test library, and assisting program coordinators. GA's work 20 hours a week, carry a course load of nine to twelve credit hours of study, and must be enrolled in a degree program. Teaching assistants (TA) are expected to instruct six credit hours of course work per year. TA's carry a course load of six to nine credit hours of study and must be enrolled in a degree program.

Applicants should have overall undergraduate records of "B" or higher. Application forms are available online at the JMU Joblink site. TA's and GA's are available in other departments, and other forms of financial aid can be explored with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships located in Warren Hall. Students need to apply each year that they wish to have a GA/TA and may maintain the position in the Department of Graduate Psychology for no more than two years. If students wish to obtain additional employment while holding a GA/TA, discussion with the Program Director should occur to ensure that all responsibilities can be maintained.

Fellowships may be available for those without a graduate assistantship. A Financial Aid Form (FAF) form must be on file at the JMU Financial Aid Office before applying for a fellowship. Fellowship applications are available at the graduate office and are due before the first day of classes each semester.

Scholarships for School Psychology Students

The Patti Warner Award

This award will recognize future leaders in school psychology. Winners of the award will be granted tuition assistance to help cover the costs of summer tuition.

O. Ashton Trice Memorial Scholarship

This memorial scholarship is open to all school psychology students and is awarded to the student with the highest GPA and exceptional academic performance, honoring the intent of the donor.