Graduation Application

Please read the content below, and contact your adviser if you need additional assistance.

Graduating soon? Here's what you need to do:

  1. Print out the Graduation Application Checklist for Psychology Advisers or visit Peer Advising (Miller 1106) or the psychology department Office (Miller 1120).
  2. Fill out the Graduation Application or visit the Registration Services (Student Success Center), Peer Advising (Miller 1106), or the psychology department Office (Miller 1120). See Graduation Application Tips below.
  3. Bring these materials to faculty offices in the following order:
    1. Minor Department Head (if you have a minor)
    2. Second Major Advisor, and then Second Major Department Head (if you have a second major)
    3. First (Psychology) Major Advisor
  4. Bring the signed application to the department of psychology office (Miller 1122) before the deadline. Applications are due prior to registration for your final semester:
    1. December graduation: April 15
    2. May/August graduation: October 15

Graduation Application Tips

  • Only list classes required for graduation. (If you do NOT need the class to count towards the hours required for the Psychology major, it should NOT be listed)
  • For courses that you have not yet completed, it is best to list the requirement instead of the specific class. For example, instead of listing "PSYC 495: Field Placement" you should list "Capstone Course." (This way if you can’t get into a field placement, you would still automatically graduate as long as a capstone is completed.)
  • You should only list the major/minor courses that you plan to complete on the application form.

View a more complete graduation checklist.