Annual Department of Psychology Student Symposium 

Best Poster Awards 2021

Field Placement, Internship, or Practicum

Award criteria included the student's knowledge of their site, their description of their site responsibilities and skills gained, and the magnitude of their contributions made to their site via evidence-based projects. The effectiveness of the visual poster presentation was also considered. The 2021 winners are:

Sydnie DeMarco
Summit House Field Placement, Fall 2020
Site Mentor: Kim Hall
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sydnie DeMarco research poster

Katie Shiflett
The Collins Center Field Placement, Spring 2021
Site Mentor: Margaret Grubb
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Katie shiflett research poster

Best Poster Awards: Research

Award criteria included the quality of the research questions and method, appropriateness of analyses, and importance of conclusions drawn. The effectiveness of the visual posterpresentation was also considered. The 2021 winners are:

Madeline Linn
Rejection Sensitivity, Negative Attitudes in Romantic Relationships, and Relationship Satisfaction
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Szwedo
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Madeline Linn research poster

Julia Smaltz
Gender Differences in Social Media Behaviors as Predictors of Romantic Jealousy
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Szwedo
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Julia Smaltz research poster

Best Poster Award: Diversity in Research

Award criteria included all of the above for the Best Poster Research Award. Additionally, the presented research a) investigated topics related to diversity, or b) the research involved engagement with diverse populations, or c) a student presenter, who is a substantial contributor to the project, was from an underrepresented group (e.g., a racial or ethnic minority group, first-generation college students, LGBTQ+, student with disabilities, etc.). The 2021 winners are:

Katelyn Fuller, Regan Buckley, Cate Hickman, & Madison Lane
Pareidolia in Children
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jakobsen
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Katelyn Fuller's research poster