Welcome from the Department Head:

PHOTO: Dan Holt

Welcome to the James Madison University Department of Psychology.  The mission of our department is to educate students in, and contribute to, the science of psychology.  Our faculty are scholars of “best practices” in undergraduate psychology education.  We offer a wide range of innovative and student-focused learning opportunities.  We are proud of our psychology major program.  Students who complete this program are well prepared for graduate school and for careers that require a liberal arts bachelor’s degree.  We also value our contributions to general education and graduate education.

Our faculty conduct research in a wide range of topics, and we are very proud of the way we invite our students to collaborate with us. Our students and faculty contribute to international, national and regional professional conferences, and much of our work is published in scientific journals, books and in professional newsletters. Through our research we not only create new knowledge, but also provide students with opportunities to learn about behavioral science by conducting scientific research.

Please explore our website to learn more about our programs. 

Dan Holt

For assistance contact ugpsyc@jmu.edu or call 540 568-6114.