Advising for Psychology Majors

Many common questions are answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Meet My Academic Adviser

Students can find their assigned adviser(s) on MyMadison under the “Student Center.” Contact information for psychology faculty can be found on our website. Students are strongly encouraged to meet regularly with their advisers.

Your faculty adviser can help you make good decisions during your college years that will help you determine and achieve your career goals. Please note that it is each student's responsibility to see that a suitable program of study is completed and all graduation requirements are met.

Get Help From Peer Advising

Feel free to stop by the virtual Peer Advising Office, . This office is staffed by trained psychology majors who can provide information about:

  • Psychology major declaration
  • Steps to become a fully-admitted psychology major
  • Registration issues
  • Finding ways to become involved in the major
  • More Information about peer advising